Tools Provided by Infinity: field success kit.

The company provides you with all the means to be succesful. It's up to YOU to make the most of it. 

Business Cards



Company E-mail account


Each team member has a company e-mail account.


Marketing Material


When our folks hit the field they are equiped with marketing material to present the company. The company's reputation backs its self. It is an EASY sell compared to our competitors. 

Software access & Training
Xactimate, Eagleview & Hail Watch

All team members have access in office or via remote login from any location.

We use Xactimate for pricing. It is the same software used by insurance companies. Team members have access in the office or at home via a remote login. 

Yard signs, door hangers and product display boards. 
Transparancy - CRM & BPM


Infinity uses a simple tool to keep us all in constant communication. You can simply upload pictures, contracts or customer contact information. 

You will know exactly where your job is in the process so you are able to communicate the time line with the property owner.

Sales Assistant


Each member in the field has an in-office sales assistant. They are there to assist in making calls to insurance companies, adjusters & property owners. They manage files and paperwork so that YOU can focus on what you need to in the field and SELL MORE. 

Decals & Magnets for vehicles