Infinity Roofing & Siding, Inc. is an industry leader.


  • GAF Master Elite certified

  • Owens Corning Platinum Preferred

  • Gold star members with the BBB (having held an A+ rating for all locations for 6 or more years in a row).

  • As the top priority customer to ABC supply, West End, Gulf Eagle, Roof Depot & Southern Shingle our supply orders get pushed to the front of the line. Our jobs get built faster so you can sell MORE.

  • Cash flow is never an issue with this company. No project is too big. Commercial or Residential.

  • We have large regional offices and sales lounges all over the nation with a coast to coast & border to border coverage and team members in 47 states.

  • We are licensed & have a 2 million dollar insurance policy.

  • We are ranked nationally in the top 50 roofing contractors & number 5 in the nation for storm restoration.

  • Storm season is here. There's no reason to limit your self to a small company with a small market focus. Don't be a victim of the over promising and under-delivering of these smaller and less established companies. The only roofing company you should represent is Infinity Roofing & Siding, Inc. Apply online

OUR TEAM & OUR CUSTOMERS CAN COUNT ON INFINITY! From start to finish, we are a top choice.

The People make the Company. 

Complacency is not your main objective.


You can’t stand working in 9-5 environments. A cubicle farm is not your cup of tea. The idea of sitting behind a desk inside an office all day, every day drives you mad. You’re sick of the same routine every day of clocking in – clocking out and knowing your paychecks will see little to no increase regardless the extra effort you put in.  You’re over the roller coaster of corporate lay offs and struggling with economic recessions.


You have the ability to motivate yourself and you want to make a six-figure income.  You don’t need someone to tell you each day what you should be doing to be successful. You don’t need your hand to be held but are willing to learn from those with life-tested experience. You are an adult who has respect for yourself and for others. You don’t allow fear to limit your opportunities but instead take control of your emotions and channel them towards your success.


You’re competitive, hungry and money motivated. You are a mover, a shaker, a hustler with integrity.


A historic definition of the word HUSTLER:


By Robert E. Jones, LL. D.”


“He leaned not upon the strength of others, but used his own resources; he was therefore self-reliant. He did not wait for business to come to him, he put himself in the path of business; he was a hustler. He saw life through a cheerful lens and kept a stout heart; he was optimistic. He recognized his own personality apart from the personalities of the crowded throng through which he passed; he was a self-contented individual. He had but one life to live and he was making the most of life.” 






It's like owning your own business without the headache of a start-up. Infinity provides you with all the tools to be successful. It's up to you to decide how far you want to go.